The visual medium has always been at the forefront of advertising, and with restrictions on gatherings causing a rapid shift toward broadcast media, salespeople are looking to the past to unlock the power of video advertising for future clients.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson ponder a new realm of opportunity, unravelling the effectiveness of TVCs and the new world of virtual events.

They also discuss the new audiences that have been unlocked by these decentralised broadcasts, the compelling nature of this new medium, and the opportunities now available to potential advertisers.

Under current remote working conditions, video conferencing platforms are often replacing in-person meetings, but how does one make the decision on whether to Zoom or when a simple phone call will suffice?

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson outline the benefits of using Zoom, the common pitfalls for salespeople in Zoom meetings, and some practical tactics for structuring a video conference call.

They specify when to push for a video call, when to opt for a phone call instead, and the importance of strong presentation.

Any decent salesperson can sell a product when their prospect is on the same page and everything is running smoothly, but being truly persuasive requires a certain skill set that enables you to carefully navigate resistance and coax your prospect into progressing towards a sale.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson unpack the qualities of a persuasive mindset and why it’s critical to have a deep understanding of your tactics under normal circumstances in order to adapt to market changes.

They outline the difference between using force and being persuasive, practical steps for dealing with a new prospect, and what to do when you start to sense a bit of resistance.

Smaller deals are often overlooked, but according to hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson, they can be an incredibly valuable tool for initiating relationships and for hitting your sales targets.

Tune in to this episode of Killer Media Sales to hear some practical steps for salespeople to capitalize on smaller campaigns, as well as what to be wary of in slashing your prices.

Alex and Russell outline how to pique a potential client’s curiosity and whether it’s better to approach existing or new clients with smaller deals.

A key skill of any successful salesperson is being able to position yourself to be allocated as much of your client’s budgets as possible. However, successfully navigating budget discussions can be a tricky and delicate process.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson answer a listener’s question about how to strategically maximise your share of a client’s budget.

They explain how to demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness as a salesperson, why it’s critical to genuinely align yourself with your client’s objectives, and whether it’s wise to challenge your client’s budget constraints.

From the first opening of a new opportunity, all the way through to ticking the box on a deal, salespeople need to remain on the ball. To get clients interested in this current environment, you need not only a sense of urgency, but an awareness of the nuances around the relationship management process.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson dig down to the nitty gritty of what it takes to ensure your deals make it over the line.

They also analyse the mindset shift that is needed to focus energy and attention on finalising deals, as well as the finer details of client interaction that salespeople need to be aware of in order to guarantee that they can finish what they start.

The new media landscape is more complex then it ever has been before. It can be said that in media sales, we need complex solutions to meet the needs of the market, but now more than ever, the value of simplicity cannot be overstated.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson reflect on how they got into media sales, and discuss that while the market has changed dramatically, the fundamentals of selling have remained constant.

They take a closer look at the attributes required for cutting the fat, as well as the most direct methods and approaches that you can use to shift your selling into top gear.

What constitutes a relationship? While trust may take time to develop, meaningful connections can be made in a matter of seconds. The way that you present yourself is a defining factor in how you can create, grow and maintain strong connections.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, Hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson consider a variety of approaches that they deem most effective for building strong rapport, as well as tips and tricks for salespeople trying to forge new links in their networks.

They also discuss the fluid and dynamic nature of the market, why you must adapt and flow to remain relevant and engaging, and how you can leverage new and existing relationships as a vehicle for generating revenue

The current media landscape is bursting at the seams with information. It is more than ever important that buyers are presented with clear and simple options, and are not overwhelmed by choice.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, Hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson discuss their own experiences when it comes to the oversaturated market we are in. They reflect on the barrage of information that overwhelms us with every decision we make, and how to cut through the fat when presenting options to potential clients.

They also explore how using a succinct and direct approach can be the most effective, how presenting your clients with too many options can be detrimental to your chances, and why it is essential to be a voice of reason in this oversaturated media landscape.

Right now, the business landscape is in a state of panic and fear. Decision makers are rapidly chopping and changing their ideas in an attempt to adapt to the new normal. Institutions are sending out a barrage of messages and emails, causing many channels to become crowded with COVID-19 related material.

Hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson use this podcast to decipher the flood of information that is clogging up certain channels, while delving into the methods they see to be the most rewarding for selling, in what can only be described as a “noisy market”.

They explore the characteristics required to get your message to the table, the adaptations that salespeople need to make to their daily communication, and the reasons why confidence, calmness and compassion are more than ever essential in the way that you operate.