Live streaming technology has brought about a new channel for engaging your audience, and has enabled the chance for content creators to speak directly to their target market in a customised and focused fashion.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, Hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson explore the differences between webinars and webcasts, the complexity of articulating the value of such products to your clients, and the caution that needs to be upheld when selling a live webcast.

Along with the opportunities, there are also a lot of pitfalls when it comes to selling ‘webcasts’ to your clients. Alex and Russ explore these possibilities and how to scale your product to cater to your prospective patrons. 

During busy periods, email can sometimes seem like a more efficient means of pitching opportunities, but according to your hosts, this ultimately leads to long-term shortcomings from a revenue perspective.

On this episode of Killer Media Sales, Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson advocate the importance of picking up the phone, whether it be with the intention of generating new business or servicing existing clients.

They warn against the dangers of becoming too reliant on digital communication channels, emphasise the advantages of phone calls in gauging interest and adapting pitches, and specify exactly how often you should be calling your clients.

It’s easy to look down on your competition when you strongly believe in your product, but dismissing other bands can be very detrimental to your own success.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson explain the disadvantages of viewing your competition one-dimensionally, how demonstrating a superior attitude comes across as blind arrogance, and why having your competitor trash-talk you can actually be a good thing.

They share their insights on the importance of taking a neutral view of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, why you should be complimentary on your competitors’ successes, and how to use your competitor analysis effectively.

The quiet beginning of a new year is the ideal time for a deep spring clean to prepare you for a productive sales cycle.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson outline why an organised desk sets a positive tone for the new year, how to go about tidying up the assets in your database, and the importance of refreshing the figures you use to make sales.

They also share why you should reengineer your proposal technique, the benefits of updating your professional wardrobe, and how reinvigorating your personal brand can positively affect your client relationships.

Starting a new year is the perfect time to be setting personal goals, which are critical in helping you achieve what you believe to be possible.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson dive into the learned habit of goal-setting, outline how this practice differs to working towards a target, and explain why goals are not simply about revenue.

They discuss whether goals should be kept to yourself or shared, why goals should be both ambitious and achievable, and the importance of breaking goals down into bite-sized portions.

Christmas is almost here, and while you are gearing up for a well-deserved break your clients are likely to be doing the same.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Russell Stephenson and Alex Whitlock reveal why this time of year is crucial in setting yourself up for the sales year ahead.  They reveal the one question that you need to ask your clients before they go away for their break, why it is important to finish the year strong, and the importance of taking a “proper break”.

Russell and Alex also discuss the trap that many salespeople fall into in the new year, break down how you should be spending those first few days back in the office, and reveal what you need to know to achieve sales success in the year ahead.

Sales has always been about building strong relationships with your clients, but when that fine line between ‘client’ and ‘friend’ starts to blur a number of problems can arise.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson discuss the basics of building business relationships, and explain why setting ground rules early on is imperative to how a business relationship will develop.

They reveal the trap that many sales people fall into which can see them in ‘non-productive’ relationships, explain how to deal with the pitfalls of a relationship which is becoming problematic, and explain why all catch ups with clients should be business focused and have a purpose.

The ability to forge strong relationships is a fundamental aspect of any successful salesperson’s arsenal.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson shed light on how to combine strategy with intuition to build trust and subsequently create larger sales opportunities.

They advocate the importance of thinking like a buyer, paying attention to clients’ subtle signals, and consistently demonstrating reliability.

Today’s marketplace is different to what it used to be, and in order to engage prospective buyers from the outset, you need a product or an initiative to sell – you cant just sell ads!

Join Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson as they explore how and why they go about creating new opportunities through solution-based selling.

They show how you can take your offering from basic ad space and editorial to a full service project or initiative. They also reveal their secret method for conveying urgency to buyers.

Tune in now to hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Killer Media Sales.

All clients are expecting a good outcome from their advertising campaign, but it is measuring that outcome and building false expectations that can lead to issues down the road.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales hosts Russell Stephenson and Alex Whitlock analyse that initial agreement that you have with your client.  They discuss the importance of educating your client upfront about the results that can be controlled – and the ones which really don’t matter!

They will explain how you can shift your client mentality to focus on outcomes rather than the numbers, how to avoid the trap of letting the client decide what the outcome should be, and why “click-through” rates don’t mean what they used to.