Working with clients across multi channels can often become highly complex and sometimes just plain confusing.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, host Alex Whitlock is joined by head of partnerships for Defence Connect, Andy Scott, and director of Momentum Connect, Jim Hall, to discuss how to keep it simple when it comes to selling across multiple channels.

They reveal their top tips to closing the knowledge gap with clients, the importance of not letting the client dictate sale conditions, and the difference in hearing and listening to your client. They also discuss how to navigate what the client thinks they want and what you are selling, and the key pitfalls for those coming into a media sales environment.

Fresh from our special Killer Media Sales episode featuring Dr Rick Rigsby last week, host Alex Whitlock is joined by sales team members David Stratford and Michael Johnson to discuss this live episode and the learnings that they took away from it.

They will share their thoughts surrounding the importance of both listening to a client yet also being able to passively command the attention of a client and get them to listen to what you have to say or offer, and will unpack the importance of discipline in the sales process and how this factors into many things including what is said, what isn’t said, and focusing on the most relevant and important information for your client on the day.

Tune in now to hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Killer Media Sales!

Author, journalist and star of a viral video titled “The most inspiring speech” with at the time of writing 5.5 million views Dr Rick Rigsby joins us this week for a special live episode of Killer Media Sales.

Alongside host Alex Whitlock, Rick will share the insights that he has gained from working with business leaders and elite athletes and how you can use the basics to make yourself a better salesperson.

He will unpack how you can communicate more clearly, the importance of always growing as a person, and how you can become a sales champion.

Tune in now to hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Killer Media Sales!