Episode 5: Getting your written work right

Poor written work lets down even the best salespeople at times. It’s an essential part of the sales process and understanding what to write, when to write it and how to write it, can supercharge…

Episode 3: Media sales is a contact sport

Don’t be afraid to make media sales personal. Whether you’re taking money off the competitor product – or the media salesperson on it – find out how to get an advantage and capitalise on it.

Episode 2: Understanding the Competition

If you don’t know your competition, you’re flying blind. In this episode we detail the importance of competitor analysis, how to undertake it, and how you can use this info to drive more sales and…

Episode 1: The DNA of a Salesperson

We break down the basics of what makes a successful sales person – and how to embrace these key fundamentals to ignite your sales potential and generate more $$$.