It’s not good enough to simply be just a good sales person; to be truly exceptional in sales you really need to know about what you’re selling.

The best sales people immerse themselves in their subject matter, their area of specialisation. They can form an opinion, engage in quality conversations with a potential advertiser or media partner, and positively influence them via their knowledge of the subject their media brand represents. It’s as simple as that. You’ve got to know your content. You’ve got to care. You’ve got to make the effort to build your knowledge.

Get this right and you’ll generate trust, respect and rapport. In this episode, we discuss what it truly takes to be knowledgeable in your area of sales, how to take action, and how that can transform you into a sales gun – and take you quickly to the top of the sales board.

Good customer service is something that clients expect. It’s not a point of difference; it’s just good business. However exceptional customer service is something you can strive towards – always. It’s what sets sales people apart. In this episode, we unpack what it means to be exceptional at customer service in media sales, how to be a gun and why starting today will deliver results immediately. Upskill and excel.

A classic for all salesmen, the infamous Alec Baldwin Always Be Closing bit in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross is the hallmark for desperation in sales, or in sales people. But does this ring true in today’s modern media sales landscape. Maybe a bit. In this episode we tackle the concept of Always Be Closing – and how a competitive sales room full of nervous energy and tension can potentially revitalise your pitch and help you to make more sales.

Poor written work lets down even the best salespeople at times. It’s an essential part of the sales process and understanding what to write, when to write it and how to write it, can supercharge your earning potential. This episode breaks down the media sales cycle – and how you can mater it with stellar written copy.

Launching a new media product, brand, blog, social channel, influencer channel or podcast is exciting – but requires a lot of focus, attention, drive and tenacity to generate immediate (and sustainable) income. In this episode we equip you with the skills to approach any new media launch with vigour and a winning attitude. Sure fire tips that will get you results.