On this episode of Killer Media Sales, host Alex Whitlock reflects on his first foray into the sales industry with co-host Russell Stephenson, revealing that he almost never got the job and in fact came incredibly close to taking a position painting chimneys at a power station.

Having recently had a sales call from the man who trained him, Alex reveals the fundamentals that he learned from his mentor after he put him into a role which although described as a “great opportunity” was instead a doomed title, and Alex will share how he took this opportunity as a challenge and exceeded all expectations from the seat of the previous person who had failed in the role.

He will discuss the importance of a direct approach to asking for money, why you should never give someone ten good reasons to sign your deal and the significance of maintaining an energetic approach in your client meetings.

Tune in now to hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Killer Media Sales.

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