Having stumbled upon the Killer Media Sales Podcast several months back and since utilising it as a learning resource for his team at the Australian Radio Network, sales director of agency Jamie Wood joins us on this episode of the show to discuss the structure of the team that he works with and some of the challenges that they face day to day.

Jamie will discuss how the agency dynamic differs to a direct-to-client sale, how to foster and develop strong relationships within an agency and unpack the delicate balance between standing out from your competition with a creative concept and being realistic and offering an achievable solution for your client.

Jamie will share his advice for those who struggle with the barrier that an agency often puts between you and the client and Alex will share his story of when challenging that barrier resulted in a negative outcome for him.

Tune in now to hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Killer Media Sales.

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One comment on “Episode 73: Building strong relationships within an agency

  1. Nice one Woody, You know this market better than anyone I’ve met.

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