Knowing when to introduce the product that you are selling into conversation with your client is a fine balancing act – Too soon and you won’t be able to cash in on the opportunity to build value.  Too late and what was a potential sales turns into pointless banter that can suggest a lack of confidence.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales Alex Whitlock is joined by Momentum Media’s most experienced media salesperson with 15 years of media sales behind him, Andy Scott.  Andy will unpack why he believes that some sales people fail to gain traction with a client and discuss why you shouldn’t try to “sell” but instead get people to “buy”.

The pair will discuss the importance of building trust with a new client, why finding out the goals of your client is so important, and how specialising your pitch is key to not losing them in the enormity of the offer.

Tune in now to hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Killer Media Sales!

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