Working with clients across multi channels can often become highly complex and sometimes just plain confusing.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales, host Alex Whitlock is joined by head of partnerships for Defence Connect, Andy Scott, and director of Momentum Connect, Jim Hall, to discuss how to keep it simple when it comes to selling across multiple channels.

They reveal their top tips to closing the knowledge gap with clients, the importance of not letting the client dictate sale conditions, and the difference in hearing and listening to your client. They also discuss how to navigate what the client thinks they want and what you are selling, and the key pitfalls for those coming into a media sales environment.

Smaller contracts and deals may seem like a time-waster when you are chasing the big dollars, but by neglecting smaller clients you may be ultimately missing out on big opportunities.

In this week’s episode of Killer Media Sales, hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson delve into why setting short-term goals will help you reach the bigger ones, and how those smaller deals can grow into larger contracts if managed correctly.

They also discuss the importance of seeing the bigger picture, why it is important that you are the master in your own destiny and why all salespeople need to approach the game with an open mind.


All clients are expecting a good outcome from their advertising campaign, but it is measuring that outcome and building false expectations that can lead to issues down the road.

In this episode of Killer Media Sales hosts Russell Stephenson and Alex Whitlock analyse that initial agreement that you have with your client.  They discuss the importance of educating your client upfront about the results that can be controlled – and the ones which really don’t matter!

They will explain how you can shift your client mentality to focus on outcomes rather than the numbers, how to avoid the trap of letting the client decide what the outcome should be, and why “click-through” rates don’t mean what they used to.